ARTICLE SUMMARY: UX Design is more of a calling than a choice. You have that creative spirit in you and you need to let it out.

As long as you can remember you were always doodling, drawing, looking at things a little different than most people. You were creating and problem solving, always trying to improve things.

At some point you realize that this is going to be your life’s passion and some how, you don’t know how, but somehow you going to make a living doing what you were born to do.

Welcome to UX design.

UX Basics: Study Guide” by Tim Neusesser gives you a good place to start learning and putting your talent to work. He covers a lot of ground in this article, a few of these lessons are

  • Introduction to UX
  • The UX philosophy
  • UX careers

The main goal of user experience (UX) is creating and improving people’s experiences in their everyday life and work. Specifically, UX efforts often focus on improving digital products and services, though the philosophy can apply to physical products and experiences as well.

The hard part is to getting started, but with Tim Neusesser‘s article you have a road map that will make your journey easier and help keep you focused.

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