ARTICLE SUMMERY: Every designer knows the most recognizable item for any company, whether it be in a website, magazine or billboard is the company logo.

In this experiment, a lot of the logos reproduced by the participants from memory came close to what they were asked to reproduce, but more often than not the people involved in this experiment missed the mark.

This led Natale Cardone to give these recommendations to designers in their search for the most impactful logo for themselves or their clients,

  • Consider your brand
  • Colors are important
  • Simplicity is key

Natale Cardone states “Developing a logo that’s unique, memorable, and resonates with your customers is one of the toughest challenges a business will face. Even for Europe’s biggest brands, an accurate recollection of their logos is hard to come by. Creating a stand-out representation of your brand may prove difficult, but it could be the key to separating yourself from your competitors.”

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