ARTICLE SUMMARY: Multivariate Analysis in Statistics and Math has been around since 1776. As with anything else, time marches on and things change and improve with the age.

As designers, with the increase of online shopping you need to know how well the website you designed for your client or your self is doing.

To help us understand this Lexie Lu has written “WHAT IS MULTIVARIATE TESTING?” to give designers a better grasp of how and when to use this tool to make sure our designs are achieving the desired outcome for us and our clients. Lexie discusses

  • How It Differs From A/B Testing?
  • When to Use Multivariate Testing
  • The Pros and Cons of Multivariate Testing
  • How to Use Multivariate Testing to Boost Your Strategy

As a designer this is another tool to use to improve your presence in the global market place.

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