ARTICLE SUMMARY: As designers we talk about the brand strategy and how important it is to have one. The problem is how do you convince business owners they really need one, why should they spend good money on something that is questionable to them.

The answer is value. If it’s one thing a business owner understands, it’s value. Their brand is their most important asset, an intangible asset that accounts for upwards of 70% of the global economy. This is something that contributes a substantial amount to their balance sheet. That is something that should grab their attention.

When talking to prospective clients about their branding or discussing with a current client about rebranding you need to make them aware of the value of having a comprehensive brand strategy.

To help you “Why Brand Strategy Is Important” written by Sarah Robb goes into great detail how the value that lies in a good brand strategy comes from

  • How Brand Strategy Helps Businesses Grow
  • How Brand Strategy Improves Market Share
  • How Brand Strategy Improves Customer Loyalty, Acquisition Costs And Preference

As designers and branding consultants it is our job to help businesses to reach their full sales potential in the global marketplace. The information collected by Sarah Robb is evidence enough that a good branding strategy is money well spent with an ROI that will bear that out.

She concludes her article by telling us “The impact that brand strategy can have on a business touches multiple levers of business growth. So just make sure you take your time to create a brand strategy in the right world-class way. Do it once, do it right and get the business impact you’re looking for.

There is a lot of good information in this article and well worth reading by old and new brand consultants alike.

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