ARTICLE SUMERY: 10 AI TRENDS MARKETERS SHOULD WATCH FOR IN 2020 is a great article on AI and the affect it will have in the coming year.

As marketers, advertisers, designers and those of us involved in branding we need to keep up with all the new technology and the actions we need to take to stay current and remain a value to our clients.

Artificial Intelligence is having more influence every year on our business and 2020 will be no different. Some of the areas that will benefit from AI will be,

  • Manage real-time customer interactions across channels
  • Improve retention and loyalty with new insights
  • Personalize content, recommendations, and offers
  • Use advanced and predictive analytics

And thats just a few of the many areas that are being affected by Artificial Intelligence. Raj Palasundaram concludes his article by stating “Where brands that excel at customer experience today reign supreme, those who implement AI across marketing use cases will take a major step up in the next several years.”

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