ARTICLE SUMMARY: While nobody is going to be arrested for not following the Laws of UX, you look at some of the websites out there and think to yourself maybe they should be. Understandable.

As designers we know they are not laws, but principles. We know understanding the key principles of UX design can significantly enhance the usability and appeal of your products. That is the goal.

10 laws of UX every designer should know” by Andrew Tipp is an extensive look into design laws and why these laws are such a gold mine for designers. It helps to know why these laws are import, why they are helpful and how we can apply them to our designs. He discusses the

  • Goal-Gradient Effect
  • Serial-Position Effect
  • Von Restorff Effect

While it’s tempting to try and get visitors to think how we want them to think, the big idea is that by designing based on how people actually think and behave we can improve the user experience of things like websites and mobile apps.

We need to be organized, make our designs visually appealing and maintain a visual consistency across the product to help users form a mental model of how it works. Making it easy for new users to start using the product effectively is a must in the effort to create repeat business.

The bottom line is by applying these principles, designers can create more intuitive, efficient, and enjoyable user experiences that will lead to a better bottom line.

This article is well worth reading, especially for the new designer and as a refresher for the seasoned designer.

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