ARTICLE SUMMARY: Trends, like the years come and go, and while there may be a lot of similarities they are never quite the same.

As designers we need to stay current in order to survive and stay profitable, this means paying attention to trends.

To give you a good perspective on the upcoming trends Thalion‘s article 2022 DESIGN TRENDS looks back at the 2021 trends and why some of them didn’t really pan out or won’t be a trend this year, he looks at things like

  • Dark mode will not be a trend
  • 3D illustration is not a thing
  • Design Systems won’t be this year’s innovation

And for Thalion‘s predictions on what will be trending he starts his list off with

  • Virtual Reality is the future
  • No Code will become a standard
  • Web solutions that feels more native

When it comes to trends this article gives you a lot to think about and decipher as to what trend may or may not help you.

Thalion concludes his article by saying “The design industry is surely the one that is changing quickly. We all have to pay attention to the trends. It is not about making our creations style more attractive to clients but also learning new possibilities.”

We would be interested what you think about this article and what you think might also be trending in the new year.

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