ARTICLE SUMMARY: Ever get up and get your cup of coffee, turn on the computer and sit there with a blank look on your face and think to yourself what the heck am I doing here?!

Welcome to the woking man’s blues, commonly referred to as lack of motivation. You feel tired and bored, having lost sight of why you chose a career in design in the first place, and you find yourself wondering whether you should just give it all up and become a dental hygienist.

The good news is this is nothing new, it happens more than you think and you are not alone. There is help.

HOW TO HANDLE LOSING YOUR MOTIVATION AS A DESIGNER” by Addison Duvall takes a look into why this happens and more importantly he helps you move past this feeling. Through understanding there is a way forward. Addison helps you understand the

  • The emotional rollercoaster you are on
  • How to set realistic expectations
  • Your doomed if you do, doomed if you don’t

Creative people are natural-born risk-takers. Everything we do – from finding freelance clients to generating valuable work those clients will love – involves a risk of some sort.

Addison Duvall wants us to remember “Even if the only risk is you feeling demotivated or unenthusiastic from time to time, it can still prove too much for you to handle. But imagine how our lives would be if nothing involved any kind of risk. If everything you touched turned to gold and you could never fail, ever.” How boring would that be.

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