ARTICLE SUMMARY: When you talk about food classics, especially desserts one of the first things that you come to realize is that the classics never seem to get old and they never disappoint.

Fads and trends come and go but the classics are timeless and they are here forever.

HOW SIMPLE, CLASSIC DESIGN SHOULD WORK” by Addison Duvall takes a look at design through the eyes of a baker. If designs were created in a bakery we’d be looking at

  • “Pare” Necessities
  • Sweet Reduction
  • Ask Grandma

For those of us with an over abundance of love for baked goods this is a great analogy on how we should design.

The goal is simple, the guidelines are simple, straightforward, and a common sense approach to design that will not disappoint your client or target audience. The longer your target audience stays on your website the greater chance of making a sale.

Addison Duvall ends the article with some good advice, “Remember to run your design past your grandmother (or your uncle, your great aunt Matilda, or anyone who’s not so “tech-savvy”) and see if she gets it. If so, perhaps she’ll bake you a nice apple pie!”

It’s the kind of article that will help you leave your clients satisfied, please let us know what you think in the comments.