ARTICLE SUMMARY: Consumers look to purchase products and brands that are relevant to their needs. A no brainer, right?!

Well, maybe in the old days, but, because we are human our choices are much more complex today than just quality, availability or physical attributes of a product or brand.

In Mark Di Somma‘s article “3 Drivers Of Brand Choice” he goes into great detail about how today’s consumers make the choices that they do and why they are based on

  • Priorities
  • Choice Cues
  • What others say

Big splashy ads or websites no longer have the impact that they used to and don’t command the attention and brand loyalty like in the old days when the internet first became available to the masses. There are too many companies vying for attention and all that over used flash is lost on today’s consumer.

People are more socially conscientious today and want brands that identify with and support their stance on issues that are important to them.

This is a great article with a lot of good information to consider when developing a brand and how to market that brand to your target audience.

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