ARTICLE SUMMARY: You have a new client who is spending big bucks for your branding services and a new website.

You now have countless hours spent developing and designing a website that will knock the socks off your client’s target audience, or so you think.

When it comes to any project, especially big projects there can be an overwhelming amount of things that can detract from your design goals. Also dangerous is falling into the trap of focusing on one aspect of the design instead of the whole, this is avoidable.

After all that time and money spent you need to consider one more step before launching the new website, usability testing.

In the article “Usability testing: your 101 introduction” it give a clear understanding of

  • What is usability testing?
  • Why is usability testing important?
  • Top 8 benefits of website usability testing

As brand experts and web designers we know a lot and see a lot from the research we do for our clients, in order to cover all our clients bases though we need to go that extra mile and test.

This a great article with links and advice that will help you go that extra mile and deliver the best possible results for our clients. 

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