ARTICLE SUMMARY: Let’s face it, we are human. We want to spend as little as possible and get as much as possible in return. Does not make you a bad person.

Buying a car or boat is not the same as buying design. With todays lemon laws you have recourse on that defective car or boat, but cheap design? None. 

Our goal is to help the client understand that purchasing inexpensive design will result in a decreased target audience and worse yet, lost revenue.

In his article “How to Explain to a Client Why Investment in Their Website Is Crucial to Their SuccessEric Karkovach helps you to understand the client mindset and why they think the way they do. He looks at

  • It’s a Free (or Really Inexpensive) World
  • The Designer’s Dilemma
  • Learn to Think Like a Business Owner

It’s a matter of opening eyes. Getting the client to understand what they could be losing by being overly fugal is the key to helping you do the job you were hired to do with results that will more than justify the “extra expense”.

Information is your key to success, Eric says “the next time you discuss a project with a client, put forth the extra effort to lay things out in a way that demonstrates the real value of what you’re proposing. Show them how it makes things better for their customers and, by extension, their business. You might be surprised at how different their reaction is.”

This article is well worth the read, let us know what you think in the comments.