ARTICLE SUMMARY: Despite popular belief one of the harder things to do in branding is come up with a logo that will catch the publics eye and instantly be recognized and identified with.

The consumers of the world do not have a clue what goes into branding or creating a logo, all they know is either they like it or they don’t. They could care less what a designer has to do create a logo that resonates with any audience.

The 5 basic types of logo and how to use them” by Tom May is an in depth look at what it really takes to create a logo and direction how to apply your design correctly. A few of the logos he talks about are

  • Wordmark
  • Lettermark 
  • Brandmark

It’s not enough to know what type of logo your using, you need to know if your using the right logo format for the right situation.

What is nice about this article are the links provided to help further your understanding of these types of logos and give examples of how to use them.

.This is a great resource for new and seasoned designers alike and a good addition to your tool box.

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