ARTICLE SUMMARY: As the global marketplace expands and the world gets smaller brand building becomes more challenging every day.

A lot of today’s consumers are suffering from information overload. All that information can confuse rather than confirm our choices causing us a level of uncertainty in what we are about to buy.

Building Brands On The Three Dimensions Of Ease” by Larry Light discusses what we need to take into consideration when branding in today’s fast paced world. His three major items to consider are

  • Ease Of Choice
  • Ease Of Use
  • Ease Of Mind

The world has become a very complicated place to live in. Choices that used to be made locally are now open to world wide considerations. Those world wide considerations can be overwhelming to the average consumer. It harkens back to the old saying, “to much choice is no good.”

What should designers do? The goal here is clear, make life easy, keep it simple and be convenient. These are principles that never go out of style and will serve you well.

As Larry Light says, “The Three Dimensions of Ease are not some warm-and-fuzzy thoughts about convenience. Making our lives easy is a powerful product and service benefit.” The Amazon company is a great example of successfull using these principles can be.

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