ARTICLE SUMMERY: Typography is one of the cornerstones of design. To the Lay person it’s just type, something you just read. To the designer it’s art, it’s communication, it’s a skill to be mastered.

The designer knows the power of good typography, the power to enhance the beauty of a project, the power to help persuade, and in web design the power to hold ones attention.

Mastering typography is a skill that can only be honed through experience. In Ryan Arruda’s article “5 Sneaky Typography Errors to Avoid” he gives us an in depth look at what to avoid

  • Limiting your font combinations
  • Overlooking measure
  • Altering script letter spacing
  • Ignoring display glyph size & kerning
  • Stretching your type

Ryan Arruda reminds us “Polished typography is no easy feat, but it’s one that can be enjoyed by paying attention to a few particulars. Again, take these modest design tips but remember that designers make the best decisions. Cultivate a good eye, question the defaults your design app wants to use, and always feel free to deliberately break a design rule, so long as you break it with intention.”

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