ARTICLE SUMMERY: As a designer your value to the company is based on making the correct decisions when solving problems that arise during a project. Like all decisions you will make some that will have huge implications and some a little. Either way it can be scary.

In his article “HOW TO MAKE GREAT DESIGN DECISIONSChris Lee helps build your confidence in decision making by giving the designer a blueprint to help analyze the problem and develop a risk assessment for each possible solution that you envision.

When the pressure is on it pays to step back and follow Chris Lee‘s advice,

  • Reduce the problem to first principles
  • Choose a direction based on expected value

Following this method and basing decisions on choices made from multiple scenarios that you have developed will help you consistently deliver the best possible product to your client.

Chris reminds us “There’s no perfect manual to get it right 100% of the time, but hey — that’s why you’ve got a job! If it was easy to automate this process, designers wouldn’t be necessary.”

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