ARTICLE SUMMARY: Nobody could have guessed how all of a sudden Artificial Intelligence seems to be taking over a growing amount of everyday tasks, especially in design.

Like all technology it’s only going to get better and better at an accelerated rate. As designers we need to think a little differently if we are going to survive the AI insertion into the creative process.

5 Ways to Improve Strategic Thinking for Designers” by Sakky B gives designers the tools to stay relevant and needed in this high tech world. Some of his suggestions to avoid becoming a dinosaur are to

  • Build a partnership with your Product Manager
  • Understand the balance that exists between UX & Revenue
  • Read Design/Psychology books

When it comes to technology and design a designer needs to keep up with all the technological innovations and advances or risk being left behind. Your survival as a designer depends on your ability to adapt to the ever-changing design landscape.

An example of technology take over happened in the 90s. Offset strippers and cameramen in the printing industry never thought computers would advance to the point of rendering the jobs of these craftsmen extinct. Pressmen never thought it possible to cut press crews by a third, and that was just the beginning.

This article is going to help you from becoming obsolete in the workplace of the future. As Sakky B says,”The more valuable you are, the more difficult it is to replace you, the more leverage you have, and the more in control you can be of the path you want to take.”

If you are a designer, whether a beginner or seasoned pro, this article is a must read.

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