ARTICLE SUMMARY: UX design research is an exciting career choice, something always different, something always new happening, always something new to learn.

Like any career choice, you usually start at the bottom and with a formal education or in many cases with on the job training you start advancing in your field of study.

UX research and design are no different.

UX research for beginners: 5 things to keep in mind” by Andrea Sanchez is geared for the beginner to help give you a good start in your new career. Some of things you should keep in mind are

  • Be user-obsessed
  • Don’t forget: it’s all about business
  • Build your toolkit

When you design you want people to be touched by what you design, you want them to feel your passion. In order to achieve that you need the knowledge and experience and guidance to make sure your heading in the right direction.

As a budding creative you have a lot to learn and this article by someone who was once in your shoes will be a big help.

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