ARTICLE SUMMARY: You have been bidding on projects from this company for a while hoping to get your foot in the door and give yourself a chance at more work.

You finally get a bid accepted and you are ready to give your best and make a them a steady client, now what.

In an effort to save you time, aggravation and avoid friction with your new client  Joseph Foley wrote “6 QUESTIONS YOU NEED TO ASK YOUR NEW CLIENT“. Some of these questions are

  • What do you want the project to achieve?
  • Who is the target audience?
  • Who makes the decisions?

These and the other questions help you zero in on what exactly the client is looking for and help you focus on what the client needs rather than guessing. This article explains why you should ask these questions and how it will help you, the designer and your client work together more harmoniously from the start.

As Joseph Foley tells us, “Successful design starts with understanding a clients’ needs, but also their expectations and tastes. Taking a moment to ask the right questions can not only kickstart the brainstorming process, but also build rapport and make the client feel more involved. This means quicker sign-off and satisfied customers who want to come back”.

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