ARTICLE SUMMARY: Designers are problem solvers, it’s in their DNA, it’s what gets them out of bed in the morning. For problem solvers there are many tools at their disposal.

One of the tools available to designers is Occam’s Razor. It is a tool that has been around for hundreds of years and used by mathematicians, philosophers, and other academics.

Taking the Occam Razor Approach to Design” by Addison Duvall  will help us to understand what Occam’s Razor is and how it can help designers solve their problems by changing their perception of their problems. Some of the items talked about are

  • How to consider new options
  • Why complicating things is natural
  • The DNA of clutter

Addison Duvall finishes up by stating “You won’t always end up with the world’s most elegant solution, and that’s okay. But by reminding yourself that there’s always a way to do it simpler, you can ensure you’re always communicating the clearest message.”

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