ARTICLE SUMMARY: As Artificial Intelligence becomes more prevalent in everyday life it is not a stretch to say we may be entering into the age of the Cyborg.

Right now Artificial Intelligence is used in finance, health care, and now starting to have an influence in design just to name a few industries. It only makes sense the next step is merge the computer chip with the human brain to enhance the gathering and processing of information in such a technically driven world. A look into some of the reasons for this are to help man to

  • Harness the unrivalled computing power of the human brain
  • Exploit the potential to break through current limitations of processing power and energy consumption that is hampered by the inherent limitations of conventional electronics
  • To  bring about a paradigm shift in machine learning technology

STEM CELL AI — ‘BRAIN ON A CHIP’ PROJECT AIMS TO REVOLUTIONIZE COMPUTING POWER” is a glimpse into the future of Artificial Intelligence and some of the potential benefits it will have on man kind.

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