ARTICLE SUMMERY: Whether it’s corporate or individual, your brand voice lets people know who you are and what you stand for. Along with visual design, your brand voice is what brings your business to life and must be consistent across all platforms.

7 Tips for Building a Consistent Brand Voice” by Haley Walden covers a lot of good information designers should know about your brand voice, things like

  • What is Brand Voice?
  • Why Your Brand Voice Matters in Marketing

Also in this article you have great suggestions on how to achieve brand voice consistency.

  • Get Clear on Your Mission, Vision, and Values
  • Ask Yourself What Your Brand is Not
  • Decide on Your Brand’s Tone of Voice

Haley Walden has included many examples of Consistent Brand Voice with an in-depth look at why they work.

She wraps up her article by stating “The consistency of your brand voice can make or break your brand. Much like developing a character, your voice requires careful development. Successfully keeping your brand in character takes careful attention to detail, but it pays dividends for your business.”

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