ARTICLE SUMMARY: Thanks to the internet that big world out there is getting smaller and smaller, also, thanks to the internet your marketplace is getting bigger and bigger.

To reach that global marketplace there are a few considerations that need to be addressed if you are going to be successful, the biggest considerations is language.

8 Tips for Improving Multilingual and International SEO” by Lindsay Pietroluongo is here to help you out. First Lindsay gives you an in depth explanation of what is Multilingual SEO and International SEO and why they are important. Then she follows up with tips that will help you determine that

  • Your Website May Not Require Multilingual or International SEO
  • How to Choose a URL Structure
  • Develop a Custom Content Strategy

When it comes to participating in the global marketplace understanding how you are going to communicate to people who do not speak your language and having a clear plan of action is a must if you are going to be successful.

As you move through the process Lindsay has also provided links to help you enter into the global marketplace. She finishes up by encouraging us saying “Just remember, if you put in the time and effort to enhance your multilingual and international SEO your site will be ready to take on the world. Quite literally.”

We hope this helps you expand your marketing horizons, let us know what you think in the comments.