ARTICLE SUMMARY: In this world of websites, email marketing and pop up ads you’d think that the lowly business card would be extinct by now. Well, you would be wrong.

Despite the pandemic and popular belief business has not been confined to online dealings only.

You never know when and where an opportunity will present itself, be it at a seminar, conference, even a golf course. You never know when a chance meeting will turn into an opportunity, and without your business card that opportunity has a greater chance of slipping away. It is much better if the person you met has a tangible reminder of who you are and what you do rather than rely on their memory from the day before from some function he attended with a crowd of others.

To help you make the best of an opportunity like that Sam Hampton-Smith gave us “How to design a business card: 7 top tips“, some of the tips he gives us are

  • Remember your basic design principles
  • Get creative (within the constraints)
  • Make your business card useful

Your business card is the offline face of your business, the foot in the door so to speak and you want that in as many Rolodexes as possible.

There is a lot to consider when it comes to designing your business card and these tips will help you build a quality business card that will stand a better chance of being saved than tossed.

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