ARTICLE SUMMARY: OK, you walk into a bakery and step up to the counter to place your order. Just as you place your order the owner launches into an extensive history lesson about the bakery.

As you stand there listening to him drone on about the bakery’s beginnings what’s the one thing that starts rattling though your brain? That’s right, the sound of that voice in your head screaming at the top of it’s lungs, just give me the order!

As designers there are times when we tend to do the same thing, we drown our clients in information they don’t need to know and in most cases don’t want to know. For the most part they are busy and don’t care about the details, they care about the results.

For designers poor communication skills is a problem that can cost us time, money, and in some cases even our clients.

How to Improve Your Communication With Clients‘ by Addison Duvall is an object lesson on how to effectively communicate with our clients in a business like manor that won’t turn them off to you. The things you need to know about client communications are pretty straight forward

  • Get Specific About Your Services
  • Be The Brains Of The Operation
  • Marketing Out Of the Box

In this information age there is still such a thing as TMI and as designers we should learn how not to clutter up our conversation with clients with information not relevant to them or their project.

When it comes to client communications we could all use a little help once in a while and this article will point you in the right direction.

This article also takes a little time to touch on marketing yourself and how to approach that with some sound advice, well worth reading.

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