ARTICLE SUMMARY: Before 2020 working from home was a dream most commuters knew would never happen, and then we got hit with the pandemic.

Before the pandemic less than 5% of days were worked at home, rising to a high watermark on May 1, 2020, with fully 61.5% of full-paid working days worked at home, then a decline to 37% by the end of the year and 29.5% by August 2022.

Even though the numbers of people working remotely are in decline, now that the pandemic is over it looks as thought working from home is here to stay, especially for designers.

To help you transition from working at the office to working at home Tina Touli wrote “9 Pro tips for creatives working from home” in an effort to help set you up for success. A few of her suggestions include

  • Keep organized
  • Invest in a good screen
  • Light up your room (and your screen)

While the number of people working remotely has dropped since the end of the pandemic there is no sign of it going away.

It looks like in the foreseeable future work will involve a mix of remote and in-person arrangements. Remote work is expected to remain a significant part of the new work landscape.

It is quite an adjustment going from working at an office to working from home, this article will be a help to you in making that transition.

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