ARTICLE SUMMARY: There is no question that User Experience (UX) is the most important consideration when it comes to design.

If your UX is not up to par it will definitely have a negative impact on your bottom line.

A lot of time and energy is spent on tactical UX research, yet, designers feel they are doing an okay job but can do better. Not to worry.

Strategic UX Research is the next big thing” by Jared M. Spool takes a look at Tactical UX Research vs Strategic UX Research and why Strategic would be better in the long run for you and your clients. Some of the items looked at include

  • The benefits that Strategic UX Research delivers
  • The trap of being too tactical
  • Strategic UX Research ensures you’re solving the right problems

Strategic UX Research is a more deliberate and thoughtful approach to conducting UX research. Instead of merely collecting feedback or testing usability, it involves aligning research objectives with broader business goals and product strategies.

By transitioning to Strategic UX Research Jared M. Spool gives you a road map to build a deep, shared understanding of users and their experiences at the most senior levels of any organization.

This article is well worth reading.

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