ARTICLE SUMMARY: It takes art and science to create a good product. While the value of the science used to make a product is immediately seen, the art may take some time before it’s true value is recognized.

By creating a seamless experience, designers ensure that the solutions we provide cater to the human beings that use these tools and often goes unnoticed.

Your design is only as good as your organization’s ability to problem solve” by Benjamiz takes a look at the hidden value of design and why it is needed. Benjamiz talks about

  • So what is good design?
  • So, what does a good product team look like?
  • Bringing it back to design

To help design be of value and make a meaningful and comprehensive contribution to any project, a designer’s expertise and insights should be interwoven into all aspects of strategic planning and execution.

There is a a tendency for organizations to prioritize what will earn them money in the short term over what will assist the user in the long term. As designers we plan for the long term and know it will pay off.

There is a lot to take in from this article and well worth reading.

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