ARTICLE SUMMARY: How many tines have you said, “my gut tells me to”, and acted on that.

The human mind is an incredible machine doing many complex things that we don’t even realize are going on in the background of our lives. It also holds every experience, thought and feeling you’ve ever had, a real mystery machine.

Your intuition could be your design hypothesis” by Suchithra Sathiyamurthy talks about intuition and the validity of “following you gut.” She looks at

  • What is intuition?
  • Leveraging your internal data
  • Making intuition work for you

Intuition can be very useful for designers during the initial design process offering signals on what direction to take, or things to avoid before you even get started.

Sometimes it might be embarrassing to say you made a design decision solely based on intuition, but, in some scenarios, using your intuition can be a valid way to solve design problems and a time saver.

There is some good information to be gleaned from this article.

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