ARTICLE SUMMARY: It does not matter what business you are in, whether it’s printing, plumbing or design, all businesses have a language all their own called jargon.

The purpose of having a jargon specific language in business is for clarification and understanding. When discussing a process or parts or actions taken in any business it helps to know what you’re saying and more importantly what they are saying.

A DESIGNER’S GUIDE TO BUSINESS JARGON AND TERMS” by Daniel Birch is an extensive list of terms and abbreviations that designers should know. The list includes two areas designers should really familiarize themselves with

  • Design Related Terms
  • Business Terms

When dealing with other designers or vendors knowing, their jargon helps alleviate confusion and misunderstandings that could lead to major setbacks in the projects you are working on.

Daniel Birch hopes this helps you get a broad understanding of different business and design terms you will come across as a UX designer. It is impossible to capture all the terms and abbreviations across all industries but this should at least give you a great baseline of knowledge and a good reference point to return to.

This is the kind of article will help you avoid having to ask what something means multiple times in a conversation giving you a better standing with the people you deal with and a better understanding of what they expect from you.

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