ARTICLE SUMMARY: Minimalism broken down to its basic form is “less is more” and at the core of  “human-centered design”.

Minimalism is a concept that shows up in many forms, lifestyle, an organization mindset, and some might even perceive it as “cleaner” looking things, all in an effort to simplify.

A Guide to Minimalist Design” by Inês Bernardino looks to define what it is and how to apply it to design. Some of the topics covered include

  • Typography and numbers
  • Photography & illustrations
  • Use of white space

These and the other topics covered in this article can add simplicity and order to your project and when applied correctly will enhance the look your design.

Inês concludes the article by stating “At the end of the day, Design is about expressing yourself and creating art that inspires you and others in many ways. Trying out new styles and concepts is excellent and can help you feel inspired to learn new things and to develop your own process and pieces.”

This is a great article for old and new designers alike, let us know what you think in the comments.