ARTICLE SUMMARY: As visual designers it is our job to design sites with great aesthetic appeal and usability value. What people do not realize is that there is much more to design than just decoration and beautification.

Every profession has basic rules and fundamentals that are standard throughout an industry, design is no different. When it comes to design and creativity not all rules are written in stone but the basics never really change and these can be found in the “ VISUAL DESIGN HANDBOOK“.

A VISUAL DESIGN HANDBOOK” written by Akhil Komath is a start to finish handbook on design that every designer should have. Like all handbooks it covers everything you need to know including

  • The Onboarding
  • The Pre-Design Checklist
  • The Design Process

This handbook has everything a designer needs to know in order to design an ad or website or any type of visual communication you need to address, all you need to do is bring your creativity. Each section goes into great detail on how to proceed with your project, making this handbook a great resource to have at your disposal.

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