ARTICLE SUMMARY: Color is so important that you can never learn enough about it, it is one of the top most considerations when taking on any design project that comes your way, and for good reasons.

Within 90 seconds people decide whether or not they like your website or your products, 90% of that decision is based on the colors you use. As designers the choice of colors and how you use them can mean the difference between financial success or failure for you or the clients you design for.

COLOR 101 FOR DESIGNERS” by Devin Ross covers the basics in color theory and the science behind color, Devin coveers

  • The Color Wheel
  • Color Schemes
  • Primary, Secondary and Tertiary Colors

Also important Devin goes into the psychology of color and what emotions each color elicits. For the beginning designer this is a must read, for the seasoned designer it’s a good refresher and a great resource for both.

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