ARTICLE SUMMARY: Inclusive design started in the 1950s with the goal of helping people with disabilities improve their quality of life by removing obstacles in the built environment and giving them access to what most people take for granted.

Fast forward to the computer age and the push for accessibility for all in the digital world so no one is shut out or left behind because of their disability. When it comes to web design and accessibility one of the things we are talking about is color and how it is used to create that accessibility.

ACCESSIBLE CONTRAST RATIOS AND A-LEVELS EXPLAINED” is a comprehensive explanation and guide to the Accessible Contrast Ratios. This is a soup to nuts article that covers topics like

  • What are the priority levels
  • What does each priority level include
  • The ratios explained

This article also takes the mystery out of accessibility ratings and gives you detailed information on how to achieve full accessibility in your websites.

As designers and businessmen we need to take into account that about 70% of the world’s population has a diagnosed disability, it only makes sense to be as inclusive as possible.

This article should help remove some of the confusion surrounding compliance and help you design with accessibility in mind.

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