ARTICLE SUMMERY: “AI and Design: why AI is your creative partner” is a good look at how people view Artificial Intelligence and the actual reality of AI in our creative process.

Miklos Philips compares people’s fear of AI to a helicopter flying over an isolated tribe in the rainforest for the first time, a fear of anything different from the only thing they have ever known sends them into a frenzy. Why? because as Miklos Philips says, “Because we fear that with which we are unfamiliar, the fear of the unknown.

Letting AI do what it does best,

  • Collecting and sorting data
  • Analyzing data
  • Optimizing
  • Pattern recognition

Will free up what designers and developers do best,

  • Create
  • Develop insight
  • Allow abstract thinking

As Miklos Philips says, “The future is clear. It’s time to shift from a human vs. machine to a human plus machine mindset. AI will not take over our work, it will change the way we work. Don’t fear AI, embrace it. Because AI and you will make you a better designer/developer.”

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