ARTICLE SUMMARY: AI (Artificial Intelligence) has been a hot topic for years. Despite the fears and speculations of doom and gloom for man kind, it has crept into almost every corner of our lives and most of it has gone unnoticed.

AI IN DESIGN” by Jon Yablonski is an article about AI and the advances made that help enable designers be more creative. Also discussed in this article is how AI might manifest itself in the future to help aid designers creativity by taking over some of the tasks that eat up a lot of the designers time, tasks like

  • Integrated layout generation
  • Automated design system generation
  • Automated design system generation

The future of design is ever changing and as designers we must stay abreast of all the new technology available to us. As Caleb Meyer says, when it comes to AI “You’re not mastering the tool any longer, you’re mastering the problem — and letting the computer do all the work.”

This is a very informative article on AI and the influence on design today and what will be AI’s influence on design in the future, something we should all pay attention to.

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