ARTICLE SUMMARY: Just when you think life imitating art has reached a limit technology stuns and amazes us all.

It started with Star Trek and flip communicators, in our wildest dreams we never thought we’d ever see something like that in our life.

Today it’s Neurotechnology finding its way into the workspace and the consumer marketplace.

Are You Ready for Workplace Brain Scanning?” goes into how what once was considered science fiction has become a reality. Some of the applications include

  • Airport security
  • Trucking, construction and warehouse operations
  • Brain controlled apps and games

Like with all new technologies this is not without controversy, especially when you’re plugging into someones brain.

Workers are feuding with their employers about return-to-office plans following the pandemic, and companies are increasingly using “ bossware” to keep tabs on employees. Employees fear the dystopian potential of this technology.

There is a lot to digest in this article and well worth the read.

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