ARTICLE SUMMARY: Ever look at a design and wonder how the heck did that designer ever come up with such a great design?

Most people don’t know what a design goes through starting from the initial concept to the finished design. They probably picture some person sitting at their computer getting an idea and then all of a sudden, voilĂ , there it is.

Nothing is further from the truth.

UX Ideation 101: Tips & tools for laying the right design foundations” by Jasmine Bilham is a look at how these designs really come to fruition. A few of the things she looks at are

  • Why ideation is so important
  • How to challenge your assumptions and biases
  • How to get inspired

It takes a lot of imagination to be a designer. It also takes a plan to take that idea and turn it into a money making design that will solve your clients problem.

The Ideation Phase allows for a solid transition between understanding the problems that users have and generating some groundbreaking solutions.

This is another great resource to have in your quest to achieve your best design possible.

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