ARTICLE SUMMARY: Branding today is a far cry from what it used to be even five years ago. Consumers have become more sophisticated and socially responsible.

It used to be the big push for any brand would be their products or services, today it’s about the people who use those products or services. The focus is on what do brands have in common with consumers so they can believe in and identify with that brand.

Branding’s 7 Best Tools” by Patrick Hanlon takes a look at the building blocks to creating a brand that people will identify, trust and believe in. Some of those blocks are

  • A Creation Story
  • A Creed
  • Icons

Today’s consumers want companies that share their concerns for social and environmental issues. They want to be associated with a brand that acts according to their beliefs and puts their money where their mouth is, not just lip service.

Patrick reminds us that “This design is somewhat complicated, but so are human beings. Which is why so few Brands succeed, and so many don’t.” As designers we must never forget this.

These tools will help you develop a brand strategy for engaging your target audience and supporting the issues that matter most to them.

This is an article well worth reading by old and new designers alike and should have a place in your design toolbox.

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