ARTICLE SUMMARY: We talk about AI (Artificial Intelligence) a lot. No one ever thought that AI would have such an influence in our lives to the extent that it does today.

Whether dealing with the DMV, doctor offices, or major corporations, it’s there. Even now it is starting to creep into design, art and literature. It can be a little unnerving.

Approaching AI takeover and how to remain relevant” by Onur Yuce Gun, PhD takes a look at the advances AI has made and the implications it has for us in the future. He looks

  • Into the past of AI
  • Future of AI
  • True Enduring Growth

It’s scary to think that AI can replace humans, and even scarier to think that it is moving into the realm of creativity that artists and designers shared exclusively.

These advances in technology can cause undo mental stress and anxiety on anyone, especially if you feel that there is the possibility of your job being taken over by AI.

This is a great article that helps put things into perspective and help reduce that anxiety, also Onur Yuce Gun gives you helpful suggestions on how to deal with these feelings.

For those of use worried about AI and our future this is a must read article.

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