ARTICLE SUMMERY: Building a brand is a process that is complicated and time consuming. When it comes to brand building the designer must be methodical and detailed oriented.

BUILD A BRAND CHEAT SHEET” by Elana Gurney gives the designer a road map to help guide and keep you organized and on track while building a brand identity that will be competitive in todays global market.

There is a lot to consider when building a brand,

  • Brand Landscape
  • Messaging Landscape
  • Audience Landscape
  • Brand Compass
  • Visual/Verbal Identity

Elena Gurney defines each section of the process and clarifies the objectives of each section along with links to help you build a brand that will capture the attention of your target audience.

In the beginning when the internet was new, websites were built fairly quickly to get brands out on the web and in front of the rapidly growing population of web surfers. As with all things, as time progresses all things get more sophisticated and new and innovative insights on how to market products and services are developed. This guide will help you achieve your goal of building a world class brand presentation and a great resource to have.

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