ARTICLE SUMMARY: When building or designing something you need a process in order to achieve your goal in a smooth and orderly fashion with as little friction and possible. Without a process you are haphazardly stumbling around in the dark trying to achieve that goal. Not good.

Maybe you work at a company that has a standard SOP that everyone follows hell or high water. When it comes to design one size does not fit all and you need help getting out of that SOP mindset.

In her article “BUILD BETTER PROCESSES BY QUESTIONING EVERYTHINGNatalie Anderson discusses the design process and how we should not blindly keep following the same process for every job that comes our way. To avoid this one size fits all approach Natalie Anderson recommends looking at

  • What is the outcome of this process, and who is (and who should be) involved in achieving that outcome?
  • How are you currently achieving that outcome?
  • What would your ideal process look like?

The idea of an SOP is great if you do the same thing over and over again, but this is design and we should be able to adapt to any challenge that comes along. This article teaches you how to be flexible and develop a new process.

This is a great read, let us know what you think in the comments.