ARTICLE SUMMARY: Let’s face it, clients really don’t know design that well, if they did they wouldn’t need a designer.

The problem is when clients are picking up the tab for your work they may cause undue influence on you the designer and cause serious damage to the project. Sure, it’s their money, why not concede some aspects of your design just to make them feel good about themselves, but that’s a mistake that may come back to bite you in the end.

Giving in to a client can have big consequences for your design. “CLIENTS MAKE TOO MANY UX DECISIONS” by Eric Karkovack helps you avoid client interference by

  • Defining the Stakes
  • Welcoming Feedback, but Setting Boundaries

The boundaries between a web designer and their client can often become blurred and as designers we need to prevent that for the success of our project. Remember, if the project goes south, the designer will take the fall for that fail whether you used any of your client’s ideas or not.

As Eric Karkovack says “clients should absolutely be involved in the design process. It’s their brand, after all. And things usually turn out best with their input. But the heavy lifting of UX should be done by experts like you. Your job is to turn a client’s vision into something that is highly usable. It’s about establishing a brand while helping users get to where they want to go.”

We hope this article helps with your designer/client relationship, let us know what you think in the comments.