ARTICLE SUMMARY: There are times when designers hit the wall and are too tired to take on a new task and keep going, you hit the wall and need something to get you out of that funk.

The article “A LIST OF GAMES FOR BORED (AND CURIOUS) DESIGNERS” by Francesca Valentini is here to help give your mind the relief it may need. Through personal experience she has put together a list of websites that is sure to help you through some of the empty moments that confront you. Some of the more challenging games are

  • Can’t Unsee
  • Shape Type
  • Hex Invaders

What Francesca Valentini does not mention is that these games also help sharpen you design skills in a fun and challenging way.

With COVID-19 and it’s variants still in the forefront of the news who knows what measures will be taken to get it under control. The good news is that this article will help give you the mental break when the time comes should you need it.

Boredom and burnout are a designers two worst enemies, this article will help avoid both. It is recommended you keep this list handy for when the time comes.

Let us know what games you like and how well you scored, and let us know what you think in the comments.