ARTICLE SUMMARY: It’s always good to look back at stuff and see how things came about. Design is no different.

As designers we like to look at what inspired our colleagues to design some of the memorable things they have created and somehow glean some inspiration of our own from them.

Design is more than just type, color palettes and great photos, “WHO NAMED THE KINDLE (AND WHY)?“, a short article by Steven Heller goes into the process of naming Amazon’s new “e-book” the Kindle.

Other than designers and the people who hire them most people don’t realize the thought, research and planning that goes into even the naming of a product. Without this process used by designers all the marketing in the world might not have made the Kindle the success it is today had it been named by someone other than a designer.

While some may wonder where the name Kindle came from they would probably not go through the trouble to find out, and for that we thank Steven Heller.

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