ARTICLE SUMMARY: How many meetings have designers been in with non designers that ended up in arguments over concepts that resulted in a lot of wasted time and bruised egos. You end up leaving the meeting determined not to resolve the argument but to win it. That’s never good.

It’s a problem when everyone thinks their idea is best and nobody is willing to negotiate anything in favor of content design. It’s downright frustrating for all involved with the project.

Control your vertigo — the unspoken rule for defending design decisions” by Rita Kind-Envy is a strategy to help designers avoid another useless meeting. Rita helps you understand

  • Vertigo drains you of energy and leads to underperformance
  • The strategy to deal with vertigo
  • Other methods that help you not to slam the door

When defending your design you need to stand firm in your belief and explain your rationale with confidence and conviction. This will help you remain steady and unwavering amidst differing opinions or pressures.

While defending your decisions, it’s crucial to listen and understand opposing viewpoints. However, maintaining control over vertigo means not being swayed by every critique but instead critically assessing feedback to determine its validity.

Rita reminds us, “Do not create a divide. Avoiding an ‘us vs. them’ mentality is essential in communication. Don’t make enemies out of your colleagues.” Hurt feelings and bruised egos last a long time.

Ultimately, this phrase underscores the importance of resilience and clarity in design advocacy. It’s a call to maintain a steady stance, despite the uncertainties or challenges that may arise in the design process. By mastering this mindset, designers can effectively communicate and defend their design choices while fostering a deeper understanding and appreciation for their work.

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