ARTICLE SUMMARY: Systems thinking has certainly gained increased attention within the UX (user experience) and design communities, but it’s not just a passing buzzword.

While UX design traditionally focused on individual interactions and interfaces, systems thinking encourages designers to view the entire ecosystem surrounding a product or service. The goal being able to understand the interconnectedness of various components, such as people, processes, technology, and environments. No small undertaking.

Is ‘Systems Thinking’ the new buzzword in UX?” by Meghan Bausone is an in depth look into ‘Systems Thinking’ and why designers should pay attention to it. Meghan looks at why it’s important to realize that

  • Systems thinking is deep
  • Systems thinking is radical
  • Systems are everywhere

It equips designers with a powerful framework to tackle intricate design challenges and deliver impactful user experiences in today’s interconnected digital landscape.

When solving a problem ‘Systems Thinking’ encourages UX designers to explore the entire user journey and ecosystem to identify pain points, dependencies, and opportunities for improvement. This leads to more comprehensive and meaningful user experiences.

Meghan concludes her article by asking, “Is it a buzzword or the sign of a profession on the edge of radically transcending paradigms? That’ll depend on how willing we are to get comfortable with the uncomfortable. UX should embrace the discomfort and not let the opportunity to harness the revolutionary and transcendent power of systems thinking pass us by.”

This article gives designers a lot to think about and consider.

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