ARTICLE SUMMARY: It happens to every designer. You’re rolling along with this great design in progress and all of a sudden the client decides he wants to make a change. The client really, really wants to make a change to your design.

In your heart of hearts you know impending disaster when you see it, you hear that voice in your head screaming so loud “are you out of your mind!?” that you hope the client doesn’t hear it. The client is paying big bucks for your expertise and they are about to ruin a boat load of your time and energy spent on this project, what do you do.

Dealing With Sudden Client Designer Syndrome” by Addison Duvall gives you what you need to deal with and how to avoid those types of clients. Topics discussed are how to

  • Create Objectivity
  • Do Your Research
  • Be the Client

It’s hard to argue with the person who is footing the bill for your design. There are clients that get so caught up in that mythology that they lose track of the fact that there is actual knowledge, experience, and quite often training that lies behind those decisions their designers make with seemingly no effort at all. People forget that it only looks easy.

There is a lot a designer can do to avoid clients like this, but sooner or later you will have the unpleasant experience of having to deal with one and this article will help you handle them like a pro.

This is a great article for old and new designers alike.

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