ARTICLE SUMMARY: Through the years as a designer you have accumulated a lot of knowledge, developed a lot of different skills and mastered new technologies. That’s what it takes to be a successful designer.

We spend a lot of time carefully choosing and placing visual elements and obsess over the steps and dependencies of a process to give the user the best possible experience. We should do the same when it comes to words.

Say goodbye to “dummy text” and start using real content” by Jon Robinson discusses why we should avoid using Lorem Ipsum in favor of “words”. He discusses how

  • Content and design go hand-in-hand
  • The real value of Lorem Ipsum
  • Turning dummy copy into smart copy

If you think every pixel, every icon, every typeface matters, then you also need to believe every letter matters and should motivate designers to learn to write.

As Jon Robinson says “If you put words in front of someone, they will read them. If that content is nonsense, they’re going to be confused. Not just about the words, but the intended audience for the design solution and its role in solving a problem for them.”

The feedback you get from “real words” will be more valuable than if you use Lorem Ipsum.

This article has a lot of good information and is well worth reading

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