ARTICLE SUMMARY: Nothing says success like a classic design that people recognize in an instant. You see it every day on line or going down the highway, soda pop, car and computer companies and a host of other brands that you’ve seen for years and you don’t even have to give it a second thought as to who they are and what they stand for.

It takes a lot of forethought, planning and a discerning eye to achieve “timeless” status, as designers we know it ain’t easy.

How a Designer Might Create Timeless Designs by Addison Duvall helps you to achieve that timeless design by suggesting you look at

  • Design Marketing Problems
  • To Trendy To Be True?
  • Timeless Doesn’t Equal Boring

Design is meant to change the way people interact with one another in the world, not just designers, but everyone. If it fails to do so and generate influence beyond the scope of the original brief, it will never become the classic it could be.

There are good points made here that are well worth reading for both young and old designer alike.

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